Washington 2013

CIBAR conference, washington

3rd-6th November, St. Gregory Hotel

Sunday, 3rd November

Welcome reception

Monday, 4th November

Registration and opening of conference

Keynote speech

James Glassman, Chairman of Broadcasting Board of Governors

session 1: research and strategy: making the best use of research to guide and evaluate strategy

To include panel and major international broadcasters with short contributions on how the research/strategy interface works in their organizations; individual presentations to include Business Intelligence: RNW’s strong combination of research and strategy; The Changing Cultural Value of International Broadcasters (Open University)

session 2: web analytics: looking for effective solutions

To include roundtable discussion on CIBAR web analytics work to date (Colin Wilding); the BBG’s Digital Engagement Index (BBG); a new web analytics system for BBG entities; measuring broadcasters’ impact in social media in the MENA: Stategies and challenges (MBN)

Tuesday, 5th November

session 3: improving the tools of the trade: Developments in methodology

To include contributions on gamification techniques in questionnaire design (Hugh Hope-Stone); experience with mobile-based surveys (IBB); asking the right data management questions (SwissPeaks)

session 4: results from recent research projects

CIBAR Annual General Meeting (members only)

Wednesday, 6th November

Pursuing a common challenge: International broadcasters and media development organizations look for a common ground in assessing impact

Panel: Using audience research to measure impact. How media development makes use of audience research

Panel: What counts as impact? Each MDO gives a short presentation on what impact means for them and their organization and how they measure it

Panel: Media impact in an age of convergence. the experience of media development organizations

Panel: Media development organizations and international broadcasters identify potential areas of cooperation and define next steps