Prague 2011

cibar conference

making and assessing impact in a rapidly changing world: The contribution of research

6th-9th November 2011

Sunday, 6th November

Welcome drinks

Monday, 7th November

Opening of conference

Paul Tibbitts, RFE/RL, Allen Cooper

Welcome and introduction

Steven W. Korn, President and Chief Executive Officer RFE/RL

The Impact Imperative

Dennis Mulhaupt, Chair of the BBG Governance Committee, chair of the Board of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

session 1: having impact in a changing world

Facing a Future Under Straitened Circumstances. How Can Research Help Broadcasters Retain and Strengthen Impact?


A New Strategy for The BBG: Impact Through Innovation and Integration

Bruce Sherman, BBG

The BBC’s Global Strategy: A View from the Outside

Colin Wilding

session 2: what is impact and how do we measure it?

The New GPRA Guidelines and the BBG’s View of Impact

Leah Ermarth, BBG

Beyond the Anecdote – Are Commercial Impact Measurements Relevant?

Paul Marszalek, BBG

International Broadcasting and Media Sustainability

Colin Wilding

International Broadcasting and Impact Evaluation: What Is The Counterfactual?

Don Ellison, ICF Macro

A tool Kit For Impact: The InterMedia Engagement Journey, Territory and Index

Tim cooper, Ali Fisher, InterMedia

session 3: what is impact and how do we measure it?

Perception of DW reports on SKAI TV in Greece

Anne Schmidt, Deutsche Welle

Bringing CIBAR’s Guidelines up to date

Allen Cooper, Colin Wilding

Tuesday, 8th November

session 4: social media – recent research findings

Changing Patterns of News and Information Consumption among Opinion Leaders in Ghana and Kenya

Robert Johnston/Matt Warshaw, D3

Understanding Different Uses for Social Media in Africa and the Corresponding Challenges to Media researchers and Broadcasters

Moses Odhiambo, BBC

Inside Facebook Insights – Understanding Facebook Insights for Fan Pages

Claudia Backmann, Deutsche Welle

Social Media strategy for International Broadcasters: Understanding Key Elements Through the Examples of RFI and France 24

Eric Cohen/Claire Marous-Guivarch, RFI

Research and Social Media Strategies for Guangdong

Betsy Henderson, RFA

session 5: social media – towards impact measures

Panel: How are social media affecting the research agenda?

New Terms of Engagement? Integrating and Evaluating Social Media Research in International Broadcasting

Anne Barnsdale, BBC, Hugh Mackay, OU

Where Do Social Media Leave Traditional Broadcast Media?

Graham Mytton

session 6: cooperation

The CIBAR Core Questionnaire – An Update

Working with the CIBAR Core questionnaire in Bangladesh

Bill Bell, IBB/VOA

Asking the Right Questions: From Questionnaire Design to Process Management

Andy Madeley, SwissPeaks

Possibilities for Sharing Web Analytics Data

Deutsche Welle

CIBAR Business Meeting and AGM (member organisations only)

Wednesday, 9th November

session 7: breakout session

An ooportunity to explore the major themes of the conference in a small group environment

Impact measures for international broadcasters

Hugh Barton, Intersearch

Improving questionnaire design and management

Andy Madeley, SwissPeaks

Next steps on content and management of the CIBAR questionnaire

Cilia Krus, RNW

Implications of social media for the research agenda

Claire Marous-Guivarch, RFI

Next steps with the CIBAR Guidelines

Kerstin Weisbach, Deutsche Welle