Paris 2007

cibar conference

Paris, France, 4th-7th November 2017

Sunday, 4th November

CIBAR Executive Committee meeting

Monday, 5th November


Welcome and introduction

Daniel Nobi, RFI

Overview of conference programme

Allen Cooper

Keynote speech on changes to French international broadcasting

Panel: Introduction to current issues in French international broadcasting research

Representatives from RFI, TV5, France 24

Session 1: Quality research in difficult environments

Random and quota samples: advantages and disadvantages

Emmanuel Fraisse, Chairman C.E.S.P.

Survey quality requirements for US international broadcasting: the GAO view and the BBG response

Jim Morrow, BBG, Mark Rhodes, InterMedia

Applying the improved survey quality criteria: experience in the Arab world

Bill Bell, IBB/VOA

Quality issues in Africa: First steps in research in Somalia

Leah Ermarth, Macro International

Quality issues in Africa: Practical issues with survey fieldwork in Africa

Bob Fortner, InterSearch

Quality issues in Africa: A view from the field

Xavier de Coligny, TNS Sofres

Monday, 5th November

session 2: changes in consumer and audience behaviour

Changing media behaviour in Australia and Canada

Nicole Beaulac, RCI, Lisa Walsh, ABC

Understanding how information flows: the example of China and India

Mark Rhodes, InterMedia

Why nothing makes sense any more

Colin Wilding, BBC

session 3: online research concerns

A survey of site browsing

Jawad Abdou, RFI

Comparison of log and survey data on internet usage

Jim Morrow, BBG

Setting standards for internet measurement

Jean-Paul Dietsch, O.J.D.

If a picture is worth a thousands words, what’s a number worth?

Colin Wilding, BBC

CIBAR Business Meeting (members only)

Colin Wilding, BBC

Tuesday, 6th November

session 4: refining methodologies to meet contemporary challenges

Using ethnography to understand consumers in Pakistan

Hugh Hope-Stone, InterMedia, Kelly Parkinson, BBC

RDD (Random Digit Dialing) as an alternative to face to face interviewing

Matt Warshaw, D3 Systems

Cuba After Castro: Recent Broadcast Research

Larry Ott, Casals and Associates

Session 5: Recent research results and plans

Results of first media survey in East Timor

Graham Mytton

Credibility of international media in Francophone Africa


Using Radio Sawa and Al Hurra for news

Bill Bell, IBB/VOA

Africa Scope: A new programme of media research for Francophone Africa

Stanislas Seven, Head of Media Research TNS Sofres

Session 6: international broadcasting in the year 2020

Clues for the future from the past

Gene Parta, RFE/RL

Facing the Future Today: How do you see things developing? An interactive session

Kevin Cowan, BBC

Panel discussion

Daniel Hirschler, Deutsche Welle, Graham Mythos, Consultant, Simon Spanswick, Association for International Broadcasting

Working break – delegates break into three groups and consider their scenario for the future

Facing The Future Today: Has what you have heard changed your views?

Kevin Cowan

Wednesday, 7th November

session 7: different approaches to international broadcasting and public diplomacy

Measuring the Effectiveness of Public Diplomacy: the UK Approach

Colin Wilding, BBC

Can international broadcasting ‘move the needle’? US international broadcasting and public diplomacy

Panel: Different approaches to public diplomacy

Werner Neven, Deutsche Welle, Daniel Nobi, RFI, Valentina Zlobina, Voice of Russia

session 8: measuring outcomes

Measuring increases in understanding

Scott Michael, IBB