Melbourne 2006

CIBAR Conference 2006

Melbourne, Australia
23rd-25th October 2006

Sunday, 22nd October


Meeting of CIBAR Committee

Monday, 23rd October

Welcome and opening of conference

Daniel Nobi, CIBAR Chairman, Mark Colbert, Radio Australia

Outline of programme

Allen Cooper, Consultant to CIBAR

Keynote Speech

Jean-Gabriel Tanguy, Head of Radio Australia

Session 1: Patterns and trends of media behaviour in Australia

Viewer and listener behaviour, present and future

Lisa Walsh, Head of Audience Research ABC

Serving minority audiences with SBS


Session 2: Recent research results from around the world

Researching Afghanistan: an update

Matt Warshaw, D3 Systems

RFI and Radio Okapi in Kinshasa: Comparing audiences for two different kinds of non-indigenous stations

Daniel Nobi, RFI

A multi-country RFE/RL internet project

Paul Tibbitts, RFE/RL

Panels for RNW’s Dutch, Spanish and English audiences: the story so far

Frank Driessen, Radio Netherlands

Session 3: Methods

GPS technology: an aid to rural sampling in Nigeria

Don Ellison, ORC Macro

Using random and quota survey methods in Senegal: how do the results compare?

Bill Bell, IBB Office of Research, Daniel Nobi, RFI

Panel: How reliable are our surveys?

Building on the previous presentation, a discussion to centre on recent concerns on survey reliability and what the international research broadcasting community needs to do to build credibility in the surveys it carries out. Is there a role for CIBAR in further promoting survey quality?

Session 4: Public diplomacy

Disconnect: Public diplomacy, state behaviour and alternative news sources

Robert Fortner, Intersearch

Tuesday, 24th October

Session 5: Asian audiences

A talkback programme for National Radio Cambodia

Mark Colbert, Radio Australia, Trevor Harrison, Asian Strategies

Understanding how the Chinese communicate: The China Communications index (CCI)

Mark Rhodes, InterMedia

East Timor: A progress report

Graham Mytton, VT Merlin

Session 6: Middle east research

Al Manar and Al Jazeera: Do they share the same audience?

Rola Abdul-Latif, InterMedia

New research data from Iraq

Matt Warshaw, D3 Systems

Discussion: Researching Muslim populations. Are we asking the right questions?

Session 7: More Methods

Using external random digit dialing to survey hard to access populations: experience in Iran and Saudi Arabia

Matt Warshaw, D3 Systems

Understanding Cuban consumers: is telephone research the answer?

Larry Ott, Casals and Associates

Penetrating the audience: 10 days of research in Santiago de Chile

Valentina Zlobina, Voice of Russia

CIBAR Business Meeting (members only)

Valentina Zlobina, Voice of Russia

Wednesday, 25th October

CIBAR Business Meeting (members only)

Valentina Zlobina, Voice of Russia

Session 8: putting research to work

A new five year research programme for US international broadcasting

Jim Morrow, BBG

Research for evaluation: DW’s plans for the future

Session 9: Into the future

Are there such things as foreign radio listeners?

Colin Wilding, BBC World Service

New Generation, New Interests? Implications of ethno-tourism and globalisation

Daniel Nobi, RFI

DRM: Inching towards research to understand consumers

Allen Cooper, ACA/InterMedia

DRM and Digital Radio: An ABC Perspective

Margaret Cassidy, Head of Policy and resources ABC