Manila 2008

CIBAR Conference, Manila

16th-19th November 2008

Sunday, 16th November

CIBAR Committee meeting

Registration and welcome drinks

Monday, 17th November

Welcome and opening of conference

Colin, Wilding, CIBAR Chairman, Roberto Ebisa, General Manager Radio Veritas Asia, Pietro Tai, Radio Veritas, Caloy Dino, FEBC, Allen Cooper, Allen Cooper Associates

Session 1: Measuring change – keeping up with advances in communications technology

Recent measurement innovations – did all this really happen this year?

Allen Cooper, Allen Cooper Associates

A taxonomy of digital media measurement

Colin Wilding, BBC

New media at VOA: Implications for research

Bill Bell, IBB

Measuring Deutsche Welle’s online traffic

Werner Neven, Deutsche Welle

Session 2: Radio’s continuing role

Visual Radio: giving a boost to an old medium

Jeff Cohen, WRN

DRM: An update

Michel Penneroux, TdF

session 3: asian and pacific media perspectives

TV audiences in the Philippines

Maya Reforma, General Manager AGB Nielsen Media Research

The changing Asian market: PAX and Digital Life

Carole Sarthou, Synovate Phillippines

Word of mouth and opinion leadership: Some examples from Asian surveys

Betsy Henderson, RFA

Media use in Vanuatu

Mark Colbert, Radio Australia

Panel discussion: How can international broadcasters enhance their impact in Asian markets?

session 4: using research findings: opportunities and pitfalls

Opinion polls for editorial use: A critical view

Colin Wilding, BBC

The ABC experience

Matt Warshaw, D3

Getting below the surface: The Afghan Deep Dive

Jim Morrow, BGG, Matt Warshaw, D3

Discussion: Getting the best out of research findings: How can researchers help to ensure that research is not misrepresented?

Tuesday, 18th November

session 5: religious broadcasting – issues and challenges for research

The strength of religious feeling: A global view from surveys

Joachim Bruess, InterMedia

Spot the difference: FEBA and other media surveys

Hugh Barton, FEBA

Getting to know the audience to Radio Veritas

Father Tai, Radio Veritas

The impact of religious stations in East Africa

Robert Fortner, Intersearch

Panel discussion: What religious broadcasters expect from research and how well their needs are met

session 6: public service broadcasting and public diplomacy

Broadcasting and the new diplomacy

Colin Wilding, BBC

Public diplomacy in the era of the informational globalization

Valentina Zlobina, Voice of Russia

Likely directions for US international broadcasting under the new administration

Jim Morrow, BBG

Audiovisuel Extérieur de la France: A new structure for French international broadcasting

Daniel Nobi, RFI

session 7: indicators of success for international broadcasters in the 21st century

A round table moderated session with delegates invited to outline how their organizations are thinking about measuring success

session 8: off the shelf vs. custom research

A round table to review how to make the best use of the two approaches

CIBAR Business Meeting (members only)

Wednesday, 19th November

session 9: results from recent research

Launching a new TV channel in the Arab world: The BBC experience

Anne Barnsdale, BBC, Matt Warshaw, D3

Geographical differences in internet new preferences

Daniel Nobi, RFI

Understanding out-of-home media use

Anne Barnsdale, BBC

Positioning international radio stations compared with national radio stations in the coverage of social issues: the RFI experience in Africa

Daniel Nobi, RFI

session 10: research quality and how it can be achieved

With budgets under pressure and expectations rising, what is acceptable quality?

Allen Cooper, ACA

Rapporteur reports and close of conference