Amsterdam 2010

CIBAR Conference 2010

Hosted by Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW), 14th-17th November 2010

Sunday, 14th November

Welcome drinks

Monday, 15th November

Opening of conference

Paul Tibbitts, RFE/RL, Cilia Krus, Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Address by Jan Hoek, Director General Radio Netherlands Worldwide

On the road to one audience measurement solution for the Netherlands

Bas De Vos, Kijkonderzoek

session 1: quality research in a worsening research environment: case studies from the front line

Designing a sample for Yemen

Matt Warshaw, Robert Johnston, John Willingham, D3 Systems

Doing qualitative research in Afghanistan

D3, Deutsche Welle

Session 2: what to do about Nigeria

In this session we focus on important target markets which present particular research challenges. Clients present the issues and challenges as they experience them, research suppliers offer suggestions, and delegates endeavour jointly to propose some solutions.

session 3: presentations of recent research

Using a mix of methodologies to understand media in Nepal

Don Ellison, ICF Macro

Is anything making sense yet? An update on Key Location Trackers

Colin Wilding, BBC

Opinion leaders: How do they consume media?

Stanislas Seveno, TNS-Sofres

Radio With Pictures: An update on Middle East audience survey

Jeff Cohen, WRN

Relaunching Monte Carlo Doualiya in the Middle East: From qualitative results to quantitative results

Frank Melloul, AEF

session 4: public diplomacy and international broadcasting

Lowy Institute report on public diplomacy and international broadcasting in Australia

Mark Colbert, ABC/Radio Australia

Public diplomacy and international broadcasting: The French approach

Frank Melloul, AEF

Tuesday, 16th November

session 5: coping with change

Andy Sennitt of Radio Netherlands Worldwide’s Media Network looks at the changes taking place in international broadcasting and considers what new challenges they bring.

session 6: social media

A widescreen approach to measurement: A re-think of success

Amanda Noonan, InterMedia

Measurement of blog traffic on RFI: Issues and learnings

Claire Marous-Guivarch, RFI

Understanding WOM in global social networks

Anne Barnsdale, BBC

Panel session: broadcasters outline current activities and research with short presentations, followed by discussion on best practice

AEF, BBC, Deutsche welle, RFA, RFE/RL, VOA

session 7: an academic perspective

Real-time social networking, digital diplomacy and mobile methods

Marie Gillespie, Open University

session 8: what to do about iran

Clients present the issues and challenges as they experience them, research suppliers offer suggestions, and delegates endeavour jointly to propose some solutions

Anne Barnsdale, BBC, Paul Tibbitts, RFE/RL, Bill Bell, VOA/IBB, Bulent Kilincarslan, KA, Matt Warshaw, D3

session 9: online measurement

Alternative methods of measuring internet audiences

Bill Bell, VOA/IBB

What are the best performance indicators for demonstrating the success of online activities?

Deutsche Welle

Online data: beyond performance assessment

Hélène Rezé, France 24

General discussion on best practice for online performance indicators

session 10: mobile phones

Access to information, digital divide and development outcomes

Klara Debeljak, InterMedia UK

Researching the use of mobiles for news

Bill Bell, VOA/IBB

Preliminary thought on mobile phone research

Betsy Henderson, RFA

CIBAR Annual Business Meeting (member organisations only)

Wednesday, 17th November

session 11: Measuring success beyond numbers

Beyond our reach? An aaproach to measuring quality

Colin Wilding, BBC

Developing research instruments to support RNW’s contract with the government

Cilia Krus, Radio Netherlands

Is audience reach always a measure of success?

Deutsche Welle

session 12: presentations of recent research

Expectations of international broadcasters: Qualitative research in Mexico, Brazil, DRC, Kenya and Mozambique

Daniel Nobi, AEF

How widespread is overclaiming of education in surveys?

Kevin Cowan, BBC

session 13: working together more effectively

BBG and measuring impact

Bruce Sherman, Leah Ermarth, BBG

The Hilversum group: What it is and what it does

Hilversum Group

Experience in developing a core questionnaire

Colin Wilding, BBC

Bringing the CIBAR guidelines up to date

Allen Cooper, ACA