Proceedings of CIBAR Cologne conference –
“Impressive gathering of expertise”

Audience research is a key player in the media system. This applies to international broadcasting in particular. Methods and topics of international audience research are diverse, and its challenges numerous, but easily accessible literature is rare.

“An Essential Link With Audiences Worldwide: Research For International Broadcasting” documents the 16th annual conference of CIBAR that was held in Cologne in November 2000. Experienced experts give first-hand accounts of their work and show perspectives for the future.

Addressing an international readership, all articles are in English with German summaries.

The Channel (Vol. 5, no. 3, April 2002) wrote: … [an] impressive gathering of expertise… There is much to learn about audiences for international radio and television in this helpful compendium, into which you can dip for nuggets of fascinating information, or which you can study in depth for a more profound understanding of the global audience in its many aspects.”

Deutsche Welle/Oliver Zoellner (ed.):

An Essential Link With Audiences Worldwide:
Research For International Broadcasting.

234 pages with tables and illustrations, ca. EUR 20.00
ISBN: 3-89158-334-6
Published by Vistas, Berlin 2002 (
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Table of Contents:

Oliver Zoellner:
International Broadcasters, Audience Research and a Conference.
An Overview of Methods and Functions

International Audience Research and the Role of CIBARGraham Mytton:
Audience Research for International Radio Broadcasters.
A Toolkit for Small to Medium-Sized StationsHélène Robillard-Frayne:
Survey of CIBAR Members Concerning Developments in Their OrganizationGlobal Audiences

Colin M Wilding:

151 Million Listeners – But What Does It Mean?
Uses and Misuses of Global Audience Estimates

Hélène Robillard-Frayne:

The Process of Estimating the Global Audience at Radio Canada International

Defining Audiences

Colin M Wilding:

BBC Audience Segmentation.
Testing Strategy by Research


Gene Parta:

Mass Audiences, Elite Audiences and Target Audiences.
Definition and Measurement Issues

Valentina Zlobina:

New Trends in the Voice of Russia’s Audience Segmentation

Case Studies

William Bell:

Response Effects in a Third World Country.
Acquiescence Bias in Haiti

Christoph Sahm/Allen Cooper:

Getting Sampling and Fieldwork Right.
The Ethiopian Experience

Daniel Nobi/Roger Nouma:

International Radio and Television Audiences in Three African Metropole

Roland Schuerhoff:

How German Travellers Abroad Use Deutsche Welle.
Results of a National Survey

Carole Paplorey:

Towards a New Audience Measurement System for Cable and Satellite Networks in France

Hélène Robillard-Frayne:

Some Thoughts on the Contribution of Audience Research Concerning Partner Stations for International Radio Broadcasters

National Images and International Broadcasting

Roland Schuerhoff:

Image of and Sympathy Towards Germany Abroad.
Does Using Deutsche Welle Programmes Reflect Attitudes vis-à-vis Germany?

Oliver Zoellner:

Images of Germany And Its International Television.
Results of a Qualitative Study in Buenos Aires

Digital Challenges

Peter Senger:

The Future of Shortwave?
Digital Radio in the Long, Medium and Shortwave Bands

Michel Penneroux:

Keeping Shortwave in the Public Ears.
Strategies for Enhancing Its Awareness

Online Perspectives

Allen Cooper:

The Developing World Gets Connected.
International Broadcasting And The Internet

Mark Rhodes:

Internet Use: The Digital Future.
Results From A Survey In Romania

Wilfried Runde:

Developing Inhabited Internet Television

Methodology Harmonization

Allen Cooper:

CIBAR Harmonization Guidelines.
An Introduction to the 3rd Edition


Harmonized Audience Measurement For International Broadcasting (3rd Edition)