CIBAR – what it is, how it works

CIBAR’s broad purpose is to promote a deeper understanding among public service international broadcasters of both the practices and value of audience research and audience relations activities. In particular, CIBAR actively seeks to encourage:

  • the appropriate use of audience and market data in decision-making within international broadcasting organisations
  • the establishment and maintenance of standards in international audience research
  • the promotion of co-operation on research projects to the benefit of members
  • the efficient and responsible use and application within member organisations of all forms of audience feedback
  • co-operation with organisations with similar interests
  • exchange of information between members

Full membership of CIBAR is open to all organisations with a public service remit:

  • whose primary purpose is to broadcast to countries other than the one in which they are based
  • which use radio, TV or online/other digital technologies as their principal vehicles for reaching audiences
  • which specifically target international audiences
  • which engage in postal, telephone and electronic dialogue with their audiences, and/or
  • which actively carry out and/or participate in audience and market research

How does CIBAR work?

CIBAR’s activities are directed by an Executive Committee headed by a Chair, supported by a Vice Chair. The Chair and Vice Chair are elected from the Executive Committee by CIBAR members to serve for a one year term, with the possibility of re-election for a second year. Membership of the Executive Committee is designed to reflect both the purposes and the membership of CIBAR. Since CIBAR’s principal focus is audience research, those organisations most active in the field (British Broadcasting Corporation, Deutsche Welle, International Bureau of Broadcasting, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio France Internationale) are permanent members of the Executive Committee. In addition, there are three additional members who are elected to serve for a fixed term of two years, and who may be re-elected for a second term. In this way, the Executive Committee reflects the breadth of the membership, while ensuring that research experience and interest is not diluted.

CIBAR has developed membership services and activities designed to help members maximize the effectiveness of their activities. Established informally in the early 1980s, CIBAR is now an association formally incorporated under German law – a ‘Verband’ (‘e.V.’; registration number VR 13905, Cologne, Germany; see Statutes).

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