CIBAR Conference 2017

23rd – 26th April
Hosted by RFE/RL at the Dorint Hotel Don Giovanni Prague


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Monday, 24th April

Research around the world

International Views on Media Perceptions – A look at New World Poll Data – Dawn Royal, Gallup 

Arab Millennials and Media: A case study from Saudi Arabia – Athanas Jamo (IPSOS)


TV Reception Modes in MENA – Claudia Vaccarone (Eutelsat)

Africascope’s 10th Anniversary: Lessons in progress – Franck Buge (TV 5 Monde)

Attitudes to international news in Russia – BBC



Challenging environments

I’m only doing my job – the highs and lows of quality control in conflict areas – Hugh Hopestone (Hopestone Research)

The challenges of researching inside Syria: Using qualitative methods – Kaushiki Ghose (BBC Media Action)
Leading Up to the BBG’s Cuba Survey – Sonja Gloeckle (BBG/IBB)


Tuesday, 25th April

Social Media

Optimizing social media analytics by media organizations – Daria Kutkovaya (RFE/RL)

Twitter usage in Indonesia by DW target audience – Anne Schmidt (DW)

Facebook use among Syrians, Iraqis, Moroccans, and Egyptians: Lessons for Researchers – Diana Turecek  (MBN)
Smartphones and the megaphone: Social media’s growing role in Laos – Betsy Henderson (RFA)

Evaluating RFI’s digital footprint from Facebook content – RFI/FMM



Audience measurement issues

An experiment in the 2016 Turkey survey: Asking about brand usage without specifying the platform – Sonja Gloeckle (BBG/IBB)

BBC project on news attribution in social media news – an update – Claire Rooney (BBC)




Evidence for media’s causal impact on democratic attitudes – Nino Japaridze

Rapid Content Analysis Assessment: A Tool for Assessing and Monitoring Media Development Partner’s Broadcasting – Dennis Reineck, Jan Lublinski (DW Akademie)

Media literacy in the Republic of Georgia 2014 – Merab Pachulia (GORBI)



Getting the message to non-researchers?

Increasing the Impact of Media Research – Bettina Binder (DW)

Helping non-researchers understand their audiences – Sophie Baskett (BBC Media Action)

Data Mindset For Journalists – Claire Marous-Guivarc’h (RFI/FMM)


Wednesday, 26th April

Dealing with ‘fake news’

Fake news and media trust crisis, reflexions and action plan – RFI/FMM