CIBAR Conference 2009

15th – 18th November 2009
Hosted by Deutsche Welle
Bonn, Germany


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Monday, 16th November

Keynote Address: Erik Bettermann, Director General, Deutsche Welle

CIBAR at 25

25 years ago the first meeting of what was to become CIBAR took place in London with researchers from BBC, DW, RFI and RNW. Graham Mytton was at that meeting and shares some reflections on how CIBAR has developed since then.


Allen Cooper has organised the conference programme for the last 11 years. It wasn’t always plain sailing…

African insights


The African research experience: challenges, lessons, rewards – Don Ellison, Macro International


Surveying ‘difficult’ countries: Sierra Leone and South Sudan – Graham Mytton


African Researchers’ Perspectives: Challenges and Opportunities Associated with Conducting Research with Non-African Clients in Africa – Liza Briggs, Macro International

New research initiatives


Monthly tracker surveys in three cities: Towards a better understanding of media behaviour – Ceril Ketteley, Jeremy Nye and Colin Wilding, BBC, Mark Rhodes, InterMedia


A new strategy and synergy for the global audience survey of the AEF – Daniel Nobi, RFI, Hélène Reze, France 24

Applying research techniques to assist understanding


Weekday and weekend scheduling of news and other magazine programming: A benefit for listeners? – Daniel Nobi, RFI


Global Minds: An international conversation – Jeremy Nye, BBC


InterMedia’s Media Use Index (MUI) – Joachim Bruess, InterMedia


Tuesday, 17th November

Meet the audience – a ‘live’ focus group

A group of students from around the world, currently in Bonn studying on the International Media Studies Master’s Programme organised jointly by Deutsche Welle and local universities, participate in a moderated focus group, followed by a discussion of issues raised.

Issues in carrying out research in developing countries

Concentrating in particular on how best to sample in rural areas, this will be an opportunity to share experiences on working on surveys in difficult areas and move towards solutions for improved quality.

Colin Wilding, BBC, Don Ellison, Macro International, and Matt Warshaw, D3, will start the ball rolling


Getting through – externally and internally

Getting the results of research through to those who need to know, both inside and outside the broadcasting organisation, is an ongoing challenge. Two contributions address this issue

Defining measures of success – Frank Driessen, RNW, Werner Neven, DW, Colin Wilding, BBC


Bringing the audience closer to programme makers: Video ‘vox pops’ – Colin Wilding, BBC


Information needs for the future

As changes in media technology and associated shifts in audience behaviour show no signs of slowing down, how do managers see their information needs, and what are they looking to researchers to provide?

A panel discussion to include Frank Melloul, AEF, Eduard Krustkaln, Voice of Russia, Werner Neven, DW, Jeremy Nye, BBC, Bruce Sherman, BBG

Wednesday, 18th November

“New media”

Internet traffic on the RFI site from community websites – Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion – Daniel Nobi, RFI


Chasing the grass mud horse: The challenges of tracking impact in Chinese cyberspace – Betsy Henderson, RFA


Towards a holistic picture: Integrating IBB’s “new media” studies with other research data – Bill Bell, IBB


Getting the best value from survey research

For much of its history, CIBAR has considered ways in which research spend can be used to best advantage. How can international broadcasters make the best use of their budgets as information needs expand? What are the current options? What is the future likely to bring?

Panel to include InterMedia and several broadcasters, to be finalised

CIBAR in the future

Some first thoughts from the newly elected Chair.