CIBAR Annual Conference 2008

17th – 19th November 2008
Hosted by Radio Veritas Asia
Manila, Philippines


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Monday, 17th November

Measuring change – keeping up with advances in communications technology

Recent measurement innovations – did all this really happen this year? – Allen Cooper, Allen Cooper Associates

A taxonomy of digital media measurement – Colin Wilding, BBC

New media at VOA: Implications for research – Bill Bell, IBB

Measuring Deutsche Welle’s online traffic – Werner Neven, DW

Radio’s continuing role

Visual Radio: Giving a boost to an old medium – Jeff Cohen, WRN

DRM: An update – Michel Penneroux, TdF

Asian and Pacific media perspectives

TV audiences in the Philippines – Maya Reforma, General Manager, AGB Nielsen Media Research (AGB-NMR)

The changing Asian market: PAX and Digital Life – Carole Sarthou, Synovate, Phillipines (TBC)

Word of mouth and opinion leadership: Some examples from Asian surveys – Betsy Henderson, RFA

Media use in Vanuatu – Mark Colbert, Radio Australia

Using research findings: Opportunities and pitfalls

Opinion polls for editorial use: A critical view – Colin Wilding, BBC

The ABC experience – Matt Warshaw, D3
Getting below the surface: The Afghan Deep Dive – Jim Morrow, BBG/Matt Warshaw, D3


Tuesday, 18th November

Religious broadcasting – issues and challenges for research

The strength of religious feeling: A global view from surveys – Joachim Bruess, InterMedia

Spot the difference:FEBA and other media surveys – Hugh Barton, FEBA

Getting to know the audience to Radio Veritas – Father Tai, Radio Veritas

The impact of religious stations in East Africa – Robert Fortner, Intersearch

Public service broadcasting and public diplomacy

Broadcasting and the new diplomacy – Colin Wilding, BBC

Public diplomacy in the era of the informational globalization – Valentina Zlobina, Voice of Russia

Likely directions for US international broadcasting under the new administration – Jim Morrow, BBGDownload

Audiovisuel Extérieur de la France: A new structure for French international broadcasting – Daniel Nobi, RFI

Indicators of success for international broadcasters in the 21st century

Off the shelf vs. custom research

Wednesday, 19th November 2008

Results from recent research

Launching a new TV channel in the Arab world: The BBC experience – Anne Barnsdale, BBC/Matt Warshaw, D3

Geographical differences in internet news preferences – Daniel Nobi, RFI

Understanding out-of home media use – Anne Barnsdale, BBC

Positioning international radio stations compared with national radio stations in the coverage of social issues: the RFI experience in Africa – Daniel Nobi, RFI

Research quality and how it can be achieved

With budgets under pressure and expectations rising, what is acceptable quality? Allen Cooper, ACA, to lead the discussion