CIBAR Conference 2006

23rd – 25th October 2006
Hosted by Radio Australia
Melbourne, Australia


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Monday, 23rd October

Keynote speech – Jean-Gabriel Manguy, Head of Radio Australia

Patterns and trends of media behaviour in Australia

Viewer and listener behaviour, present and future – Lisa Walsh, Head of Audience Research, ABC

Serving minority audiences with SBS radio – Agnes Cusack, SBS


Recent research results from around the world

Researching Afghanistan: an update – Matt Warshaw, D3 Systems

RFI and Radio Okapi in Kinshasa: Comparing audiences for two different kinds of non-indigenous stations – Daniel Nobi, RFI

Time for a redesign: Reconsidering our Internet Design Strategy – Paul T. Tibbitts, RFE/RL



Panels for RNW’s Dutch, Spanish and English audiences: the story so far – Frank Driessen, Radio Netherlands

GPS technology: an aid to rural sampling in Nigeria – Don Ellison; ORC Macro

Using random and quota survey methods in Senegal: how do the results compare? – Bill Bell, IBB Office of Research; Daniel Nobi, RFI


Panel session: How reliable are our surveys?

Building on the previous presentation, a discussion centring on recent concerns on survey reliability and what the international broadcasting community needs to do to build credibility in the surveys it carries out. Is there a role for CIBAR in further promoting survey quality? Chaired by Allen Cooper, ACA

Public diplomacy: a follow-up from Montreal

Disconnect: Public diplomacy, state behaviour and alternative news sources – Robert Fortner, Intersearch


Tuesday, 24th October

Asian audiences

A talkback programme for National Radio Cambodia – Mark Colbert, Radio Australia; Trevor Harrison, Asian Strategies

Understanding how the Chinese communicate: The China Communications index (CCI) – Mark Rhodes; InterMedia

East Timor: A progress report – Graham Mytton, VT Merlin

The Pan Asian Cross Media Survey (PAX) – David Horton, Synovate



Middle East research

Reach and perceptions of Al Manar TV: lessons for reaching Arab populations – Rola Abdul-Latif, InterMedia

New research data from Iraq – Matt Warshaw, D3 Systems


More methods

Using external random digit dialling to survey hard to access populations: experience in Iran and Saudi Arabia – Matt Warshaw, D3 Systems
Understanding Cuban consumers: is telephone research the answer? – Larry Out, Casals and Associates

Penetrating the audience: 10 days of research in Santiago de Chile – Valentina Zlobina, Voice of Russia


Wednesday, 25th October

Putting research to work

A new five year research programme for US international broadcasting – Jim Morrow, BBG, Washington
Research for evaluation: DW’s plans for the future – Werner Neven, Roland Schuerhoff, Deutsche Welle


Into the future

DRM and Digital Radio: An ABC Perspective – Margaret Cassidy, Head of Policy and resources, ABC

Heading down the digital river: is radio ready to ride the rapids? – Daniel Hirschler, Deutsche Welle
New Generation, New Interests? Implications of ethno-tourism and globalisation – Daniel Nobi, RFI

International radio listeners – do they exist? – Colin Wilding, BBC World ServiceDownload