CIBAR Annual Conference 2005

31st October – 2nd November 2005
Hosted by Radio Canada International
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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Monday, 31st October

Keynote Speech – Jean Larin, Director of Radio Canada International

Media Research Developments in Canada

The Broadcasting Environment in Canada and the Measurement of TV Viewing – Stan Staple, Director, Research and Strategic Analysis, CBC

TV Audiences: Adapting To PPM Measurement – Chantal Mayrand, Research Officer, SRCTV

Evolution of Radio Listening in Canada – Nicole Beaulac, Senior Head of Research, CBC / Radio Canada

Station To Station Measuring In Radio Audiences with a PPM Panel in Quebec – Pat Pellegrini, Senior Vice President, Research,TNS, New York


Research Results and Applications from Around The World – 1

Revamping Youth Programming for Kazakhstan: The Contribution of Research – Paul Tibbitts, RFE/RL, Prague

Multimedia as a New Way for Broadcasters to Engage With Their Audiences – Valentina Zlobina, Voice of Russia, Moscow

To Broadcast Or Not To Broadcast in Hausa: It’s A Question of Strategy – Daniel Nobi, RFI, Paris

Recent Research Results From D3 Systems – Matt Warshaw, D3 Systems, USA


Tuesday, 1st November

Sampling Made Easy

Painting by Numbers: A Visual Approach to Understanding Sampling – Colin Wilding, BBC World Service, London

You Always Knew It Was The Random Walk, Didn’t You? Geographic Bias in Lower Level Sampling: Examples from West Africa –Don Ellison & Leah Ermarth, ORC Macro, USA

Moving Towards A National Sample in Afghanistan – Matt Warshaw, D3 Systems, USA


Where now with DRM?

DRM In North America – Jacques Bouliane, Senior Manager, Business Development, CBC/Radio Canada


Public Diplomacy – What Are The Research Implications For Broadcasters?

A Quest For Dialogue: Germany’s Broadcast Public Diplomacy Targeting Middle Eastern Countries – Oliver Zoellner, Worldwide Research, Germany

Leap of Faith: Evaluating Public Diplomacy – Robert Fortner, Intersearch


Measuring Radio and TV Affiliates / Rebroadcasters.

How Do Local Media Ratings Compare With Results From Our Own Surveys? – Bill Bell, Research Director, IBB, Washington

How Do Affiliates Contribute To A Station’s Audience? – Stephen Connors, InterMedia, Washington


Research Results and Applications from Around The World – 2

The Media And Corruption: A Latin Perspective – Larry Ott, Casals and Associates, Alexandria

Internet: How The Technology Measurement Can Improve Knowledge And Leave Generally Accepted Ideas – Daniel Nobi, RFI, Paris

Mapping, Measuring and Predicting Information Dissemination in China – Mark Rhodes; Intermedia, Washington

Reaction to RNW’s SMS News Service – Frank Driessen, RNW, Hilversum


Wednesday, 2nd November

Something Different? New Approaches To Research

Getting Closer To Audiences Through Observation Approaches – Allen Cooper, Allen Cooper Associates/Intermedia

Ethnographic perspectives in global media research: A critical review – Oliver Zoellner, Worldwide Research, Germany

Social Network Theory And Its Possible Applications – Don Ellison, ORC Macro