CIBAR Annual Conference 2004

1st – 3rd November 2004
Hosted by the BBC
London, UK


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Monday, 1st November

Pre-conference methodology workshop

Designing a sample for Nigeria – Don Ellison, ORC Macro; Allen Cooper, InterMedia
Nigeria – lessons from the DHS – Colin Wilding, BBC

Keynote speech:From audit to insight – Alan Booth, Controller Marketing, BBC World Service


Targetting special audiences: moving away from general populations

The challenges and encouragements of conducting and audience survey in a mother-tongue language in rural Mozambique –Hugh Barton, FEBA
Researching ethnic minority populations: a Chilean example – Oliver Zoellner, consultant

Making the best of research in defining broadcasting priorities – Valentina Zlobina, Voice of Russia

Great programme, but did they learn anything? – Hugh Hope-Stone, consultant

Up a creek without a paddle? Low cost research with listeners – Roland Schuerhoff. Deutsche Welle
Rethinking audience segmentation: current BBC concerns – Naomi Key-Field, BBC


20 Years of CIBAR

Graham Mytton was at the small meeting of audience researchers in 1984 out of which CIBAR developed. He looked back over those 20 years, reflecting on what CIBAR has achieved and where it might go in the future

Tuesday, 2nd November

Following the audience from radio to TV

From lapsed listener to TV viewer: some Balkan examples – Stephen Connors, InterMedia
Different questions, different answers: getting TV measurement questions right – Bill Bell, IBB
TV measurement issues for Australia’s international service – Mark Colbert, Radio Australia
An international TV news service from France: an update – Daniel Nobi, RFI


Researching international media in the Middle East and Afghanistan

Permission denied, access found: research in Saudi Arabia and Iran – David Jodice, D3 Systems
Radio Sawa and Al Hurra – why and to what effect? – Bill Bell, IBB
Permission granted, access elusive: research in Afghanistan and Iraq – Matt Warshaw, D3 Systems
Audience measurement questions in Afghanistan: how do they operate in the field? – Mark Eggerman, consultant


Proliferating platforms and multi media. What does expanding choice mean for audience measurement?

Understanding internet effectiveness – Jim Morrow, BBG
An ‘internet effectiveness index’ – Ken Donow, IBB
DRM’s here! What will its research needs be? – Michel Penneroux, TdF
Cell phones in China: more than just voice messages? – Mark Rhodes, InterMedia
PPMs in Canada: monitoring experience in Quebec – Nicole Beaulac, RCI


‘Hard Hat Research’ – working in difficult environments

Getting to grips with Nigeria – Don Ellison, ORC Macro; Allen Cooper, InterMedia
Validating the results of Cold War surveys with travellers from the Soviet Union – Gene Parta, RFE/RL


Wednesday, 3nd November

Engaging with the audience – recent BBC experience

Connecting with audiences in India and the USA – Karen Bevis, BBC

Taking the pulse of Africa: how Africans see themselves – Kevin Cowan, BBC


Some glimpses of the future

Where radio is going: the iPod generation and the digital future – Peter Davies, Ofcom
Are International broadcasters talking down shortwave? – Graham Mytton

Are International broadcasters talking down shortwave? Response – Colin Wilding, BBC