CIBAR Annual Conference 2001

7th – 9th November 2001
Hosted by BBG, IBB, RFA & RFE/RL
Washington DC, U.S.A.


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Media research standards in French-speaking Africa: implications for TV – Jean Marc Belchi, CFI

The rise of Al Jazeera: evolution of TV viewing in the Middle East 1996–2000 – Jean Marc Belchi, CFI

PAMRO – history, breakthroughs and the future – Jean Marc Belchi, CFI

VOA on FM and shortwave in Africa – Bill Bell, IBB

What do women want/ Female listeners and international radio – Bill Bell, IBB Office of Research

How do Afghan refugee children see their world? – Allen Cooper, ACA

Know your audience… but how? Some practical approaches for smaller stations – Allen Cooper, ACA

Crises past: InterMedia’s experience in supplying research quickly when it counts – Dave Gibson, InterMedia

The audience for RFI during the political crisis in Côte d’Ivoire 1999–2001 – Daniel Nobi, RFI

How can an international communicate in crisis period facing a Muslim point of view about the Taliban – Daniel Nobi, RFI

Differential impact shortwave/FM in Ivory Coast – Daniel Nobi, RFI

The new BBG reseearch system – Mark Rhodes and Susan Gigli, InterMedia

Identifying crisis listening – Colin Wilding, BBC World Service

Understanding the global impact of CNN – David B. Woolfson, Global Research

“German Television”: market potential of an all-German “Best of” TV channel in the USA – Results of two surveys – Alice Buslay-Wiersch, Roland Schuerhoff and Oliver Zoellner, Deutsche Welle