CIBAR Annual Conference 2000

8th – 10th November 2000
Hosted by Deutsche Welle
Cologne, Germany


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 Wednesday, 8th November

Pre-conference training seminars

Research for small-to-medium stations: a practical tool kit – Graham Mytton, Consultant
Understanding audiences: how qualitative research can help – Susan Gigli, InterMedia Survey Institute
Programme evaluation: how well are we doing? – Gene Parta, RFE/RL


Welcome session

Opening of conference – Oliver Zoellner, DW Media Research
Opening address – Joachim Lenz, Editor-in-Chief, German Service, Deutsche Welle
Summary of country report questionnaire feedback – Hélène Robillard-Frayne, RCI

Followed by discussion

Research around the world

Image of and sympathy towards Germany abroad: is there a link between image and sympathy and viewing and listening to DW programmes? – Roland Schuerhoff, Deutsche Welle
The fall of Slobodan Milosevic: recent audiences to international broadcasting in Serbia – Bruce Sherman, Broadcasting Board of Governors, Washington
Youth audiences to international broadcasters: trends in East-Central Europe and the FSU – Susan Gigli, Intermedia Survey Institute
Research on the fringes: the case of Tibet – Betsy Henderson, Radio Free Asia
Succeeding in the USA: Deutsche Welle’s experience – Alice Buslay-Wiersch, Deutsche Welle


Global audiences vs. target audiences

Introductory remarks by Hélène Robillard-Frayne, including RCI experience in calculating a global audience
151 million listeners, but what does it mean? – Colin Wilding, BBC World Service

The presence of Deutsche Welle in Germany and the use of its programmes by German travellers – Roland Schuerhoff, Deutsche Welle
Audience measurement: mass, elite and target audiences – Gene Parta, RFE/RL, Prague

Thursday, 9th November

Africa: A Research Miscellany

PAMRO: Towards harmonised media research in Africa – Graham Mytton, Consultant
Getting sampling and fieldwork right: The Ethiopian experience – Christoph Sahm, Oxford Research International; Allen Cooper, Allen Cooper Associates
Asking about VOA listening in Angola – Bill Bell, IBB
International radio and TV in Francophone Africa: who is winning the battle for audiences? – A panel considers and discusses the data.


Harmonisation and methods

The CIBAR guidelines for harmonised audience measurement for international radio: an introduction to the 3rd edition – Allen Cooper, Allen Cooper Associates

Station awareness and listening questions: towards a common approach – Panel (including BBC, DW, IBB, RFE/RL, RFI) with short presentations.
Acquiescence bias in responses to attitude questions in Haiti – Bill Bell, IBB

BBC audience segmentation: the story so far – Colin Wilding, BBC World Service

New trends in Voice of Russia audience segmentation: from foreign to domestic audiences.Russian language perspectives –Valentina Zlobina, VOR

International TV research

The SES Satellite Monitor: harmonized research across Europe – Thomas Merz, Research Manager, SES
A new panel for cable and satellite channels in France – Carole Paplorey, TV5

Opportunities and barriers and challenges for Deutsche Welle TV in a Latin American market – Oliver Zoellner, Head of Media Research, DW

Reaching the audience: direct or indirect?

Some thoughts on the contribution of audience research concerning partner stations for international radio broadcasters – Hélène Robillard-Frayne, RCI, Montreal
DRM: The future for shortwave? – Peter Senger, Deutsche Welle/Chairman DRM Association and Steering Board
Keeping shortwave in the public ear: strategies for enhancing awareness – Michel Penneroux, TDF

Friday, 10th November

Organising research: possibilities for cooperation

Overview of current approaches – Allen Cooper, ACA
Can domestic broadcasters’ research departments help with research for international broadcasters? A GEAR perspective – Heinz Gerhard, ZDF
Towards a primary commissioner for USG international broadcasting research – Panel to include Bill Bell, Betsy Henderson, Gene Parta, Bruce Sherman.

Internet and online

Internet access and usage: multi-country trends – 196Mark Rhodes/Susan Gigli, InterMedia Survey Institute
The developing world gets connected: an overview – Allen Cooper, Allen Cooper Associates

DW-Online and the I-TV community – Wilfried Runde, DW-online